Salmon is a great heart-healthy food that can be paired with low glycemic index side dishes for a well-rounded meal.

While clinicians may have learned certain standard procedures for caring for certain diabetic wounds such as foot ulcers, a recent study found that there are differences between female and male diabetics that may play a part in what determines their best care.


The study, which was published in Diabetes Care, found that women with diabetes were more likely than male diabetics to have hospitalizations that were brought on by cardiovascular disease. The risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and hospitalizations among individuals who were diagnosed with diabetes later in life were also higher among female populations than it was with males.


Although most diabetics are already restricted to certain diets, clinicians may want to suggest a higher volume of heart-healthy foods for their female patients to complement any wound treatment they may currently be receiving.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like nuts, flaxseed and certain fatty fish can be great for maintaining heart health. These foods can also be paired with those that have a low glycemic index, so that they are both diabetes and heart healthy. A few meals to suggest to your patient include a bowl of oatmeal with almonds or walnuts for breakfast, or a salmon filet with a roasted sweet potato on the side for lunch or dinner.
Clinicians can also suggest that patients cook their meals in olive or canola oil, both of which are healthier options than cooking foods with butter or shortening.
Baking and steaming your foods are also better options than frying, and whenever possible, trim the excess fat or skin from meats to help make them leaner. Substituting tofu or beans for meat can also make a meal easier for your body to digest and use than meat.