An infected toe can lead to symptoms throughout the body.

Toes can have a number of problems – from poor circulation to ingrown toenails, there are so many issues our furthest appendages can develop. Here are some signs that you may have an infected toe:

Fever. Believe it or not, a fever is your body’s way of telling you that it is trying to fend off an infection. Although many fevers may be due to imbalances in internal bodily systems, a fever can ravage your body due to a particularly nasty toe infection.

Swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes swell when an infection is present in your body; however, it is often the case that the lymph nodes that are far away from the actual infection site begin to become inflamed. Look for swollen lymph nodes in your groin, as well as your neck and armpits.

It is also important to note that all infections are not always due to an injury, so even if you have not had any trauma to your toe or foot, an infection could still occur. If you do not notice any of these symptoms, it is still important to visit a clinician to make sure that you receive the proper care for your illness.

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