Waters that have piranhas can be an unexpected source of deep cuts.

Many deep wounds are caused by accidents, and although there are things you can do to help prevent some of these rather drastic wounds, there are many unexpected sources of these types of injuries, so it’s good to always approach new activities with precaution. Here are a few unexpected sources of deep wounds:


A group of around 60 swimmers spent Christmas Day in the emergency room after they were attacked by a swarm of resident piranhas in the Parana River in Argentina. Although many locals know the waters have this flesh-eating fish, this is one of the most severe attacks on record. In addition to a number of deep cuts suffered on the arms and legs, one individual had to have a portion of his finger amputated after the attack.

Before enjoying a swim, be sure to know what types of aquatic life reside in the habitat, and what risks they may present. Even some plants may provoke an allergic reaction in some individuals.


Snorkeling and scuba diving are both great ways to see the local reef environment of coastal regions, yet most newbies to the sports are not aware of how sharp many varieties of coral truly are. When a large wave comes unexpectedly, it can be hard to prevent yourself from slamming into a large body of coral, many of which sit mere inches from the surface at certain tide times.

Wearing protection, such as a wet suit, will help pad your skin against any potential mishaps. Knowing the current weather – including barometric pressure, wind direction and wind speed – as well as the tide tables can help you determine a diving time or day that will present the best possible conditions.

Palm trees

Believe it or not, these lovely tropical and temperate tree varieties can actually cause very deep wounds, including puncture wounds. The sharp tips of their leaf blades often carry a variety of toxins as well, so a wound can quickly become inflamed or infected upon impact from the leaf with your skin. Be sure to visit with a local clinician if the wound becomes red or swollen. Additionally, many palms also have several sharp thorns along their trunks, which, if leaned against, could quickly and easily cause a deep cut.

Although photos with palm tree backgrounds can be quite idyllic in theory, you might want to avoid getting too close to these trees.