For clinicians, ordering wound care supplies from Advanced Tissue is easy!

Our online ordering portal is convenient for registered users, and our team is standing by to receive orders by fax or by phone.

Advanced Tissue is the premier provider of wound care supplies for patients across the country. Our focus, which is exclusively on wound care, allows us to offer targeted, thoroughly researched, and in terms of our unit dose packaging, revolutionary products. As such, we provide one point of contact for clinicians, patients, and caregivers for all of your wound care needs. Whether a patient’s needs are as simple as gauze and tape, or requires specialized dressings like foams or hydrogels, Advanced Tissue has the wound care product you need.

Our Unique Product Offering

Advanced Tissue is the only company to offer every patient we serve individualized unit dose packaging, a unique pack that holds the materials needed for each wound dressing change, reducing treatment confusion. These single-use packages are customized for each patient’s needs according to clinicians specifications. Whether treating a wound at home or in a long term care facility, this innovative approach provides the maximum benefit for patients and caregivers alike. The ease of use with unit dose packaging means that compliance is higher, resulting in faster healing and better care. Since each package contains exactly what is needed for each dressing change, there is minimal waste, and no repeated trips to a central supply location. Supplies shipped to long term care facilities are clearly marked with the residents name for clear and simple record keeping.

With Advanced Tissue, you can be sure your patient or loved one will receive their supplies quickly for uninterrupted care. We offer overnight shipping of over 500 in-stock products direct to the patient’s residence or care facility. Once insurance coverage is verified, supplies normally arrive within 24 hours. No substitutions are made without the clinician approval, so the patient gets exactly what is ordered. As a Medicare participating provider, we also handle insurance billing for Medicare (including Medicare Part B) and secondary insurances along with all claim paperwork.

Ordering Wound Care Supplies

Ordering your wound care supplies from Advanced Tissue is easy. Use any one of the following options:

    1. Online Ordering

After registering for a smart status account, you can order wound care supplies securely online through our secure ordering portal. This easy, rapid electronic ordering system meets HIPAA compliance standards for patient privacy and protection. For your convenience, we are also part of both the Intellicure and WoundExpert EMR systems.

    1. Fax

Order by fax simply by sending the patient and wound information, along with the products requested, to 1-866-217-9998. Or, you can download our streamlined one page CMN fax order form.

    1. Call

Order by phone by calling us toll-free at 1-866-217-9900. Your Advanced Tissue account representative can take your order quickly and easily over the phone and answer any questions you may have.

Advanced Tissue is the nation’s leader in delivering specialized wound care supplies to patients, delivering to both homes and long-term care facilities.