Amputations due to diabetic ulcers have gone down in number.

While modern medicine continues to grow and progress, our aging population is contracting diseases at a much higher rate. One of the biggest trends in this realm is the falling need for amputations due to diabetic ulcers with the rising number of diabetic individuals.

In England, recent stats demonstrate that many individuals with diabetic ulcers are unnecessarily getting amputations. According to The Guardian, a major disparity in terms of who is getting these amputations can be found in the southwest part of the country. The National Health Society stated that the major issue was lack of standards across medical facilities. In the southwest part of the country, diabetics who live in rural areas are twice as likely as those in urban regions to get amputations for similar levels of ulcers.

“In the same way that the standard of breast cancer care is national, the treatment you get in Stockport is the same as Kent, we need the same thing for limb-threatening problems,” Ian Franklin, a member of the Vascular Society, explained to The Guardian. “We are getting unnecessary amputations because in some parts of the country the treatment is prompt, in some parts of the country the treatment is sluggish, and it’s sluggish without contravening any guidelines.”

In Ireland, while the number of amputations, as treatment for diabetic ulcers is falling, the number of different individuals who have contracted leg ulcers has actually increased in the last calendar year, according to the Irish Independent. Many medical professionals in the country believe that this is due to the more regular checkups and care that is provided in the country.

Similarly, in the United States, diabetic ulcers affect 25 percent of the 25.8 million individuals who suffer from the disease. Of those who regularly visit clinicians for treatment checkups and wound dressing changes, the risk of these ulcers leading to an amputation is reduced by between 45 and 85 percent – a huge advantage, according to U.S. Pharmacist.

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