Low-drainage wound healing often calls for transparent films or hydrocolloids.

When you’re dealing with an ulcer with severe exudate, it’s essential to select the right wound care product that has an optimal balance of moisture and absorbency. The same goes for those with low drainage – proper healing calls for a hydrated wound bed that promotes epithelial cell movement across the affected area for a resurfacing effect. Too much moisture can damage the healthy skin around the wound, while too little hydration can dry out the ulcer and hinder the healing process. For these low-drainage lacerations, clinicians often recommend one of two categories of wound care products: hydrocolloid and transparent films.

Hydrocolloid dressings

Hydrocolloids are wafer-like dressings that contain a gel-forming agent, often made of gelatin, pectin and carboxymethylcellulose. This gel creates a moist healing environment, and it aids in the protection and stimulation of newly formed tissue. The wafer is laminated onto an outer layer that is both water-resistant and flexible, providing extra defense against outside bacteria. They’re quite user-friendly, as that come in a variety of sizes to fit the affected area, are self-adhering and come with adhesive borders (some varieties come without adhesive).

Transparent films

These dressings are thin sheets made of polyurethane and coated with adhesive that create a moist environment for the best healing conditions. They’re waterproof to protect the wound against outside elements, but the wound healing products have semipermeable membranes that let vapors and oxygen pass through. They come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, and they’re highly flexible, acting as a second skin over the wound.
They’re best-used on partial-thickness wound with little or no drainage – in fact they may not adhere to areas with too much exudate, as it can deactivate the adhesive.

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