These mobile apps are handy tools for wound care.

Technology has changed the way clinicians diagnose and treat conditions, from venous stasis to necrosis. Advancements in technology have also been of great use to patients, and mobile devices have proven to be useful tools. One way people can use their Smart Phones to aid the process of healing from wounds is by using mobile apps, such as these:

Wound Care:

This app has a simple interface and serves as a guide when selecting wound dressings. It displays the figure of a body, and you can select which part of the anterior or posterior of the body on which you have a wound. Once you click on an area of the body, you can use filters to input the depth and moistness of the wound, among other factors. The app then suggests a type and size of dressing and gives you a brief description of the product.

Mobile Wound Analyzer:

The Mobile Wound Analyzer is designed for the management of pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers, among other wounds. It’s more complex and sophisticated compared to the Wound Care app, allowing the user to analyze pictures of his or her wound to learn what type it is as well as the proper way to dress and care for the affected area. The entire analysis process generally takes as little as three minutes.

While these apps may be helpful tools for people interested in learning more about wound products and wound management, it’s important to consult a clinician to come up with a treatment plan that is right for a patient.

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