Putting butter on a wound can delay the healing process.

Whether it’s the result of playing a contact sport or burning your finger on the stove, it’s very likely you’ll have at least one wound you need to treat in your lifetime. If your wound is treated properly, it has a much better chance of healing in a timely manner. However, there are many myths when it comes to wound care, and it’s easy to get caught up in them. Here are five wound care myths that you should know about:

1. Alcohol disinfects wounds

Rubbing alcohol is a well-known antiseptic, so you may think it’s a good idea to apply it to your wound. The truth is rubbing alcohol won’t do much good for your wound. It will just burn your skin and can damage sensitive wound tissue. Instead of using a product that contains alcohol, choose one that contains antiseptic agents like polyhexanide.

2. Butter heals burn wounds

Another common wound care myth is that butter is beneficial for burns. In reality, putting butter or another greasy substance on a burn wound will trap heat on your skin, causing damage to it. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences recommends running a burn wound under cool water.

3. Small wounds don’t require treatment

Just because a wound is barely noticeable doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Bacteria can still enter the body through the tiniest wounds. Treating every wound, no matter how small it is, will prevent infection and accelerate the healing process.

4. Exposing wounds to air will help them heal

You may have heard that letting a wound breathe can help it heal faster. However, according to experts, doing this creates a dry environment that causes cells to die. When a wound is covered with a bandage, blood vessels heal faster and cells that cause inflammation drop at a higher rate.

5. A scab means the wound is healing

It is a common misconception that a scab means a wound is healing. Dr. Thomas Erskine, a director of the Center for Wound Care at Vacaville, told The Daily Republic that a scab can trap inflammatory tissue and bacteria and prevent new cells from covering the wound, which can delay the healing process.

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