Prevent bedsores to keep people you are caring for happy and comfortable.

If you care for someone who is at high risk for pressure ulcers or bedsores, or perhaps someone who has already experienced them, you know it’s important to work on preventing these wounds. They can be painful and invite complications, so it’s vital to work on making sure your loved one doesn’t get them in the first place. While wound healing and proper wound care can make pressure ulcers less damaging, it’s still much easier to prevent them. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Know the risks

If you take care of a person who spends most of his or her day in one position, perhaps in a bed or a favorite chair, pressure ulcers or bedsores are likely. They become even more likely if the person is overweight, underweight, has continence issues or can’t feel a certain part of his or her body. This last risk may apply in particular to diabetic people, who may have diabetic neuropathy and lost feeling in their extremities to some degree.

Stay vigilant

You will need to check the person you are caring for every day to watch out for the development of pressure ulcers. Different people may be at risk for ulcers in various areas, but the hips, knees and ankles are common places for them to form, as well as the elbows and shoulders. You should contact a medical professional if there are signs of a pressure ulcer begging to form, such as redness, sores or unusually warm areas.

Be gentle

One of the best ways to prevent pressure ulcers is to treat skin very gently. Whether this means substituting soft sponge baths for harsher showers or using a special cream every day, make sure the person you care for has plenty of opportunity to receive extensive care for his or her skin.

Introduce movement

If the person under your care can’t move very well, you can still ensure he or she is able to rest in different positions throughout the day. This can help keep constant pressure away from only one or two spots on the body and can prevent bedsores.

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