Rowing is one exercise that greatly improves overall heath.

Thorough years of rigorous research, physicians have found that exercise can be hugely beneficial in the wound healing process. That’s because these activities help to increase certain bodily functions that are responsible for the mechanisms behind healing – including oxygenation and cellular activity. Popular sports for those in the middle of a wound care regimen include strength training, yoga and swimming. However, there are plenty of other activities one can partake in to enhance wound infection treatment.

Tai chi

Originally developed in China several hundred years ago, tai chi is a form of exercises that emphasizes slow, deliberate movements. This exercise is all about maintaining a constant state of movement, in addition to developing certain breathing techniques. Together, these two components can help alleviate stress, which then enhances your body’s natural healing capabilities. That’s because as your body deals less with stressors – like anxiety and depression – it can focus more on maintaining and repairing itself. Tai chi has also been noted to increase your blood flow, another component of effective wound healing. The more blood that’s flowing, the more cells that are available to move the essential chemicals for repairing skin and blood vessels.


On the one hand, leisurely bike rides around the neighborhood are one way to contribute to the wound healing process. These outings can get your heart to pump more efficiently and improve your overall wellbeing. Additionally, biking is a great way to exercise while mitigating some of the risk of contact sports. However, more regular and extended bike rides also have the added benefit of improving both the strength and durability of your skeletal system. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, healthy bones are one tool your body uses to prevent wounds. Bones offer support to the skin, helping to mitigate the effects of physical trauma. This same sense of structure is also important as wounds actually begin the healing process.


Rowing has a number of immediate benefits that fulfill other components of effective wound healing. Being outside is a perfect stress reliever, and the fresh air is great for to help oxygenate your body and speed up blood flow. The teamwork and camaraderie that accompanies rowing is a perfect way to reduce stress and elevate your mood. Plus, it’s another sport where the potential for physical trauma is far less than other athletic endeavors. Rowing, though, is also noted as being one of the best sports for weight loss, and a slimmed figure means your body can heal all that much faster. Obesity means having generally poor nutrition, which can slow down wound healing. Obese people also have certain issues with blood flow and restrictions like clots and blockage.

If you have a wound, before starting any exercise program, contact your physician to discuss.

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