Certain adhesive tapes are designed to be hypoallergenic.

In the wound healing process, having the right tape or adhesive is often just as important as the kind of bandage or dressing. That’s because a large percentage of patients can have an adverse allergic reaction to certain kinds of adhesive materials. According to a 2010 report published in the journal Dermatitis, most patients experience what’s called contact dermatitis, which is a rash caused by foreign substances. In the case of adhesive tape, it’s usually one of a handful of chemicals, like hydroabietic acid – an industrial derivative – and wood rosin, which is another adhesive.

Fortunately, there is a solution, as many retailers offer adhesive tape that’s specifically designed to reduce allergic reactions and foster a more beneficial wound care experience. Here are just a few of these skin-sensitive tapes and adhesives:


The Medipore tape is a soft surgical cloth, which means this specific adhesive is best for the wear and tear that often accompanies repeated re-dressings. Medipore is also mostly used for wound sites that involve skin stretching, like edemas and distention’s. Because it doesn’t feature natural rubber latex – a frequent cause of dermatitis and other adverse reactions – Medipore is hypoallergenic. Its porous design allows the tape to breathe, which not only further protects against irritation but also supports better movement.

Kind Removal Silicone Tape

Many nurses and physicians prefer the silicone tape for a number of reasons. For one, its easy-to-use applicator means there are fewer delays when changing the adhesive. And, in the long run, using less tape saves hospitals money. Patients, however, prefer the silicone tape because it can be removed and re-applied with far less pain or skin irritation. That’s because 3M’s proprietary silicone technology is designed to breathe more, making it secure enough for any wound without creating an unbreakable seal between the skin and tape.


Similar to the Medipore product line, the Tenderfix adhesives are a unique kind of cloth tape. By design, these specialized adhesives have a certain amount of breathability, which offers both comfort and a high level of support for wound care patients. Not only are they treated to be hypoallergenic, but the Tenderfix adhesives are also designed to support movement without harming the structure of fragile cuts and lesions. Tenderfix is noted for its overall diversity, and is used to secure catheters, IV tubing and most dressings properly.


Described as a self-adhesive fabric, the Mefix tape is used as fixation in a wide array of medical procedures, including tubes, swabs, dressings and catheters. Undoubtedly, the Mefix is relied on frequently because it’s both pre-measured, which makes application all that less complicated, and features perforated splits that are much easier handle than some other tapes. However, Mefix is noted for being especially skin sensitive, no doubt thanks to the polyacrylate adhesive, which is water-based and 100 percent solvent-free.

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