If you’re nervous about taking a vacation, read on to discover useful tips for traveling with diabetes.

While living with diabetes means you need to maintain a constant focus on your health and wellness, managing your disease shouldn’t cause you to miss out on what the world has to offer. With careful planning and the right information, diabetics can remain happy and healthy no matter how far from home they may travel.

If you’re nervous about taking a vacation while managing your condition, read on to discover useful tips for traveling with diabetes.

Check in with your doctor before you depart

Once you’ve booked your tickets and bought the guidebooks, schedule an appointment to visit your physician a few weeks before you leave, recommended the American Diabetes Association. This gives you plenty of time to acquire any last-minute medications or supplies your doctor may prescribe.

The source advised asking your doctor for a letter that explains your diabetes and any treatments you might need to carry with you. This can prove essential when it comes to airline, event and museum security processes, many of which prohibit people from having liquids, needles, and pills with them.

“The letter should explain what you need to do for your diabetes, such as take diabetes pills or insulin shots. It should list insulin, syringes and any other medications or devices you use. The letter should also list any allergies you have or any foods or medications to which you are sensitive,” explained the ADA.

Additionally, see if you can get emergency prescriptions for any pills or insulin you may use, in case you need to fill them on the road.

Have diabetes supplies handy at all times

While it might be tempting to throw everything into your checked baggage and board the plane with nothing but a good book, it’s vital that diabetics keep their medical supplies handy. The Joslin Diabetes Center explained that checked bags are exposed to extreme temperatures and clumsy handling, both of which can taint your diabetic care items.

Don’t go barefoot

If you’re headed to a warm climate, remember to prioritize diabetic foot care. It can be tempting to spend your vacation barefoot, but staying covered from toe to ankle is crucial for your health, explained Diabetes Forecast magazine. Neuropathy, which is common among diabetics, can prevent you from feeling cuts, scrapes or other lacerations on your feet, which puts you at a high risk of infection. And no matter how soft the sand may feel, it’s likely littered with jagged shells and rocks that could injure you.

When walking along the beach, always wear comfortable, breathable, protective footwear. Once you’ve returned to your hotel room, always do a thorough foot check to ensure you didn’t sustain any damage.

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