Slacking on your nightly rest adversely affects our overall health, including the wound healing process.

Slacking on your nightly rest not only makes it difficult to get out of bed when your alarm sounds – it also adversely affects your overall health. This includes your body’s ability to heal itself, which is a complicated, multi-faceted process that relies heavily on the restorative powers of sleep.

Here are a few key ways in which sleep deprivation negatively affects the wound healing process:

It directly impacts your immune system
A healthy, strong immune system is crucial to all types of healing. Without a strong immune system, you cannot properly create healthy tissue, fight infections and stay on the path to a successful recovery. Health Line explained that when you do not get enough sleep during the wound healing process, your immune system can become depleted, raising your risk of elongating healing time and developing infections.

It slows down tissue growth
Of course, for wounds to heal successfully, healthy tissue growth is key. When does this essential growth happen? While you sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the growth and repair of tissue occurs in the third and fourth stages of sleep, which happen after you have completed about 70 percent of your rest. This means that getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep is crucial – a few naps here and there will not cut it.

It can trigger and exacerbate coronary issues 
Sleep deprivation can have an adverse effect on the heart health. Because coronary function affects your overall well-being, this is yet another reason to prioritize your rest. Health Line noted that heart disease can be a root cause of poor circulation, which can delay or interfere with the healing process.

It can compromise healthy eating habits 
When you are constantly tired, your body is seeking ways to create more energy. This can lead to cravings for sugary, fatty foods that are not good for your body, and that may further delay the healing process. Shape magazine noted that people who do not get enough sleep are also more likely to consume bigger portions, which can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Additionally, being sleep deprived can impair your decision-making abilities the same way consuming alcohol does. The source explained that this lack of mental clarity can cause you to give into cravings and make poor nutritional choices.

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