Small burns can happen almost anywhere, anytime

Small burns can happen almost anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re making tea or curling your hair, one wrong move can leave you with a painful, pesky, first-degree injury. These wounds, while still important to attend to, can often be taken care of at home.

If you’ve identified your injury as a minor burn, here’s what to do in terms of wound care:

Put the injury under cool water
The Mayo Clinic explained that burns should be placed under cool water as soon as possible. Refrain from using very cold or freezing water, as extremely low temperatures can cause more harm than good.

Clean the burn
Once the area has been cooled down, use soap and water to gently wash it out, recommended the National Institutes of Health. While a simple ointment, like aloe vera, can also be applied, you should avoid exposing your wound to lotions or home remedies.

Protect the injured area
Use a clean, dry wound dressing to cover the burn. If your pain increases, or the burn shows signs of infection, seek medical attention.

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