Scientists are focusing on developing smarter wound dressings that do more to heal wounds and prevent infections.

According to Healogics’ 2017 Wound Care Awareness campaign, 6.7 million Americans are suffering from non-healing wounds. Further, amputees have a 50% mortality rate within 5 years of the operation. With these shocking statistics in mind, scientists are focusing on developing smarter wound care products that do more to heal wounds and prevent infections.

New emergency bandage claims to stop bleeding within minutes

After a traumatic accident, it is vital for victims to receive treatment as soon as possible. In order to properly treat deep wounds and limit life-threatening blood loss, it is imperative to stop bleeding immediately. Often times, the compresses found in first aid kits are not powerful enough to stop profuse bleeding. Axio Biosolutions, a medical startup located in Bengaluru, India, has been developing a smarter emergency wound haemostat. The company’s recently released dressing, Axiostat, is gaining popularity across Indian hospitals, as well as in their military, as an important tool to stop bleeding after trauma. The haemostat uses chitosan, a polymer found in shellfish, to halt bleeding within the first several minutes of injury.

Two ground-breaking dressings receive awards and approvals

Leading UK wound care company Crawford Healthcare just earned FDA approval in the United States for their latest wound dressing, KerraCel Ag3+. The carboxymethyl cellulose bandage, which acts as a quick-absorbtion gel once applied, is the only gelling bandage to contain Ag3+. Crawford claims that this particular silver ion is six times more powerful in disrupting biofilms and killing bacteria than traditional silvers.

Massachusetts-based medtech company Organogenesis Inc. is receiving praise for their latest product. PuraPly, their new anti-biofilm wound matrix, was named as one of the “Top 10 Innovations in Podiatry” for 2017 by Podiatry Today. The wound dressing uses collagen and antibacterial PHMB as a barrier that, in conjunction with biofilm debridement, can halt biofilm reproduction and prevent infection.

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