Some people find it helpful to meditate when coping with pain.

Patients who live with chronic pain learn to cope in ways that some people find unimaginable. While many clinicians present pain management in the form of medication,  one living with a severe wound or other difficult condition can learn to live more comfortably. Sometimes, extremely intense wounds can have a harder time healing. An article on the Pain News Network website took a closer look at one woman’s experience with a diabetic wound and how she cared for it. Some of the treatments she was offered were more modern and invasive than careful wound bandaging, yet she still had to cope with the associated wound discomfort.

How to live with pain

U.S. News and World Report examined different methods people employ to better enable them to live with to make chronic pain. It discussed how some clinicians may be looking for alternative therapies to drugs for pain care, as long-term discomfort can affect different people in different ways. Patients can look into treatments like acupuncture or even working with a chiropractor to see if their pain is lessened, or if the treatment enables them to feel more equipped to handle high levels of discomfort. Some people find that if they feel more relaxed overall, it is easier for them to live with an extremely unpleasant situation.

The source cited recent information from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that discussed alternatives to opioid prescriptions as many clinicians feel that there are better methods for handling pain.

Planning for treatment

Anyone living with a chronic wound or other condition will work with a clinician to determine the best course of action to improve the individual’s quality of life. The FDA advised that clinicians have a checklist of sorts for treating patients, which involves setting goals for helping the patient handle pain, possible therapies which aren’t drug-based and continued conversation between clinician and patient regarding how the program is going. This way, patients can try a variety of pain management methods which can involve cognitive behavioral therapy or physical or occupational therapy to assist their overall well being.

Some people may find that working with a professional on relaxation techniques, meditation or even gentle yoga can help elevate their mental state. This can then help them to feel stronger and more equipped to handle the struggles of wound care and associated discomfort. Other people may find that working with their clinician and discussing their situation can help them accept current circumstances and find ways to take their mind away from any discomfort. Looking for a new treatment plan can help some patients to feel more proactive, which can also increase feelings of productivity, helping said individuals move past their condition.

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