Launched in October 2015, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign to equip the average citizen with the skills and knowledge to help in emergencies before professional medics arrive. The training uses wound simulation techniques to educate bystanders on how to properly attend to bleeding injuries.

In recent months, many schools have been sponsoring the training so that educators can be prepared in the event of student injuries. Teachers at a Bremen City high school in Georgia participated in the training courses earlier this month and felt it was an especially helpful program that all educators can benefit from.

Hands-on first aid training

The first aid education was provided by the Stop the Bleed program in collaboration with Ambucare and funded by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. Through hands-on training with first aid kits, the employees learned how to use tourniquets on pool noodles and how to properly pack wounds with gauze. They also discussed situations in which these first aid techniques would be necessary, including school bus accidents, sports injuries and gunshot wounds.

In addition to practicing various bleeding control methods, the teachers learned when each type is appropriate, what equipment the school has available and where the first aid supplies would be in the classrooms and other areas. Lisa Warren, the school’s athletic director, physical education and health teacher, described the importance of this element of the training: “Not every room is equipped with a first aid kit, so there’s time wasted on trying to determine where the supplies are [and] what would you use.”

With this in mind, the Bremen City school system aims to provide a sufficient number of first aid kits to each school, and even on buses, now that the staff is trained on how to use the supplies.

Important to “stop the bleed”

Bystander intervention could be potentially life-saving for those who are injured, especially from gunshot wounds. Often times, patients die of blood loss before the paramedics can arrive. With these Stop the Bleed trainings, bystanders will be prepared to provide immediate first aid to start treating the wound before medical personnel arrive. Once the bleeding is stopped, the injured patient is afforded additional time that could end up being the reason they survive the injury or avoid complications.

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