While telemedicine can’t entirely replace a visit to the doctor’s office, several useful applications of the technology promote wound healing. Here are four ways patients can benefit from telemedicine applications in wound care:

doctor using telemedicine appTelehealth solutions allow doctors and patients to connect remotely.

1. Wound diagnosis and treatment from home

Wound Source noted that generally, telemedicine technology can provide 24-hour access to medical advice from any location. Health care providers can use a computer, tablet, smartphone or another electronic device to evaluate patient symptoms, assess wounds, prescribe treatment plans and answer patient questions.

This is especially beneficial for patients with non-complex wounds seeking medical advice. They can connect with their provider via online messaging platforms and receive their treatment plan without leaving home.

2. Follow-up care without the wait time

Most surgical and chronic wounds require follow-up appointments for the doctor to examine the healing progress. In a journal article on telehealth wound applications, Alyssa Shelton, R.N., Ph.D., noted that an initial face-to-face meeting with a wound management expert is ideal. However, telehealth solutions make it possible for patients to remotely connect with their health care providers thereafter, eliminating additional trips to the doctor’s office and appointment wait times.

3. Reduced medical costs

Engaging in telehealth solutions can also save patients money in the long run. According to Wound Source, single patient televisits usually cost a flat rate of $40 to $120. Patients also save money on transportation to and from appointments, which is especially impactful for those who live in rural areas without nearby hospitals.

4. Increased patient satisfaction

Research suggests that telemedicine can improve patient satisfaction with wound care as well as enhance quality of life. A recent study led by researchers at the West Virginia University School of Medicine observed 30 patients recovering from vascular surgery. 16 of the patients used a telemedicine app and monitoring equipment while the others received standard-of-care surgical wound treatment. After 30 days, those in the telemedicine group scored better on measures of physical functions, mental health and quality of life. Additionally, 91 percent of patients in the telemedicine group gave the app a four-out-of-five score in terms of usability.

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