The level of care and affection you apply to your wound can make or break the recovery process. Proper wound care at home helps you heal as quickly as possible, reducing the chances of infection or other delays in recovery.

Get back to tip-top shape in no time by following these tips:

Proper wound care at home is vital for healing.

Wash your hands

Never touch a wound before cleaning your hands! Wash them thoroughly with antibacterial soap to remove bacteria and other debris that can threaten infection.

Keep it clean

Healthline advised keeping minor wounds clean and dry for five days after the initial injury to promote complete healing. Follow these steps for proper wound cleaning.

Change your dressings

Health24 noted that leaving wounds uncovered can dry out the surface cells, increasing pain and risk of infection. Be sure to use a sterile bandage or gauze to cover the wound after cleaning.

Eat a healthy diet

Your body heals most efficiently when it feels its best, so try to maintain a healthy diet. In fact, there are foods that can speed up the recovery process, including those high in protein, vitamins and zinc.

Try soothing remedies

Depending on the type of wound and your symptoms, several treatments can relieve the pain. For instance, aloe vera and petroleum jelly can help soothe burns and cuts, while holding ice on the affected area can relieve bruising and swelling.

Avoid potential dangers

Refrain from strenuous activity or intense workouts that may cause a wound or scab to reopen, thus delaying the healing process. A light amount of physical activity can aid healing, just be careful not to push your body too far. Shield HealthCare also advised avoiding excess bacteria exposure, such as swimming in the ocean or public pool, covering the wound with shoes or gloves for lengthy periods of time, or leaving the affected area uncovered while cooking.

Get your doctor’s opinion

While you can care for minor wounds at home, never hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor for an expert evaluation. This is especially important for considerably deep wounds, as well as injuries that show signs of infection.

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