Long-Term Care Facilities

Because home isn't always a house.

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Advanced Tissue takes special steps to ensure long-term care nurses have the ability to feel confident and empowered when it comes to dressing changes.

Long-Term Care Benefits


All orders are packaged with the resident’s name on each smartPAC, so they are easily trackable.


We accept Medicare, a variety of commercial insurance as well as some Medicaid as secondary.


With all the needed supplies in one package, there is no need for unnecessary trips to central supply.

Prompt Shipping

Once the order is received, we verify insurance coverage and ship supplies directly to the long-term care facility.


To minimize worry for patients, we take care of insurance authorization and claim forms.

Working with Advanced Tissue has been a wonderful experience. Their professional staff helps the treatment nurses in any way possible to make ordering supplies a breeze. The best part for me is receiving the monthly savings report, which allows easy tracking of each facility’s formulary compliance and total dollars saved.
Marilyn Files, RN/LNHA Professional Nurse Consultant
Advanced Tissue has helped wounds heal in our facility because having what we need on-hand helps the healing process.
Long-term Care Facility, Chicago, IL
Their label and dispensing system promote great quality assurance of appropriate treatment in accordance with the physician’s order and plan of care.
LTC Administrator

Long-Term Care FAQs

  • Do you provide supplies to individuals in long-term care facilities?

    Yes, we work with large and small, independently owned long-term facilities to provide smartPAC packages with the resident’s name on each package that include what the doctor ordered for each dressing change.

  • Is Medicare the only insurance plan Advanced Tissue accepts?

    We accept Medicare, a variety of commercial insurance, some Medicaid as secondary insurance as well as hospice patients with Medicare part B coverage when the hospice agency is not supplying them with wound care supplies. Each commercial insurance policy is different and, unlike some in the industry, we verify all insurance coverage before shipping product, so the patient is in complete control of their out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Where do you ship the supplies?

    The supplies are shipped directly to the facility for the resident since this is now their home.