Packaged Differently.
For Your Independence.

At-home delivery is convenient, but your ability to change dressings at home isn’t just convenient—it’s critical for you to maintain your independence. Advanced Tissue’s smartPAC® packaging and on-demand video gives you the knowledge and control you need to get better.

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smartPAC is different. Your wound care supplies are packaged for each specific dressing change, easy to open and include step-by-step video tutorials that show you how to change your own dressing. This minimizes confusion giving you the best chance to heal.

Ask Your Doctor for smartPAC

Tell your doctor you want to receive wound care supplies in a smartPAC. We’ll handle the rest, from insurance paperwork to shipping supplies directly to your home or long term care facility. Once we verify insurance, we ship your smartPAC supplies via FedEx, often within 24 hours. We deliver the wound care products typical pharmacies don’t carry.

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Vivo Medical Supply

We know that not all patients have access to health insurance. We also know that health insurance doesn’t always cover what a patient needs. Vivo Medical Supply helps patients directly purchase wound care products, skin care products and compression in a retail setting online.

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Following the Doctor's Orders

The best results happen with patients who regularly see their wound care doctor and follow instructions. smartPACs are ordered by your doctor and take the confusion out of how much product to use for a dressing change, encouraging patients follow treatment plans. The integrated use of technology also helps educate patients—custom QR codes and websites deliver step-by-step videos.

Wanted to let you know that my wife and I love the smartPAC… It is so convenient and easy to use… Very simple to take out one bag for the day as opposed to getting all of your supplies out each time. Good job!
Patient in Brownsville, PA
Great company! I have severe neuropathy and tried saving my foot for eight years until I recently had it amputated after years of infections and hospital stays. This company is fast plus the way they pack their orders is very smart and convenient.
Patient in Rockwall, TX
I just wanted to say thank you for sending the wound supplies I needed so quickly. I have gotten three shipments from you and each has arrived within two days of my doctor’s appointment.
Patient located in Jackson, MO

Patient FAQ

  • How many supplies will you send?

    Don’t worry about being overwhelmed. We only send the supplies ordered by your nurse or doctor. All supplies are packaged in individually dosed, easy-to-open smartPACs so you know exactly what and how much to use each day.

    Just before your next delivery, we’ll check in to see if you need additional supplies added to your order to help you stay on track with your treatment plan.

  • What if I need more supplies?

    Simply call 866-217-9900 and let us know what you need. We will verify your request with your doctor to be sure the supplies are in line with the doctor’s order. Compliance is key in wound healing.

  • What insurance plans do you accept?

    We accept Medicare and commercial insurance from an extensive list of carriers, as well as Medicaid in select states.

    Each commercial insurance policy is different and, unlike some in the industry, we verify all insurance coverage before shipping product so patients are in complete control of their out-of-pocket expenses.

    Patients that receive services paid by the Medicare program are responsible for the 20% not paid by Medicare and will receive a bill. Most patients have secondary insurance; however, in the event the patient has no secondary insurance, he or she will be responsible for the balance due.

  • Who is responsible for getting insurance authorization for supplies and handling claims?

    Advanced Tissue takes on the responsibility of verifying insurance coverage, billing the insurance company and processing all payments.

  • Do you provide supplies to patients in long-term care facilities?

    Yes, we work with large and small, independently owned long-term facilities to provide smartPACs with the resident’s name on each package.